7 Plants that Can be Easily Grown On their Own With Low Maintenance

7 Plants that Can be Easily Grown On their Own With Low Maintenance

Homiful.com -- The house will appear more decorative and beautiful using ornamental plants, In addition, plant are known to provide many benefits to their owners. Ranging from relieving stress, making feelings calmer and increasing freshness in the room. Know some ornamental plants that grow with low maintenance and can be placed in any room.

Air plants


Plants that can be placed in well-lit areas with indirect light only require occasional watering. These plants can survive on nothing more than air. Put them in a fresh spot and stay away from harsh lighting.

Prayer plant


The prayer plant is a variety of calathea that falls under the category of low maintenance plants and can flourish when left unattended. The foliage that can fold at night likes moist places and proper watering when the weather is dry.

Anthurium Andreanum


This anthurium grows beautifully as an ornamental and vibrant plant and requires little maintenance. It requires regular watering and does well in little light. 

Cactus parody


This mock cactus has a distinctive shape. For a long time to exist, it requires a moist environment. You can put it in an area that receives afternoon sun that faces south with no problem.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana


This succulent plant, which enjoys being in the sun, requires appropriate but not excessive watering. Kalanchoe can be positioned in any room and has lovely colors. With proper watering during the winter, its low maintenance needs to be taken into account.



While bromeliads withstand drought in a humid environment. Clay pots are necessary for these plants because they can hold more moisture. Every three to four weeks, and every five weeks during the winter, put in plastic pots with drainage holes and water.



A plant that can be kept indoors needs bright light and weekly proper watering. The shape of the leaves of plants that can frequently referred to as umbrella plants can be seen. Check the soil to see of it's too dry if this plant starts to lose its leaves.



This tropical rainforest plant requires regular upkeep and appropriate watering because it thrives in high humidity. When the weather is drym be careful when watering to keep the soil moist.

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