7 Lovely and Ideal Bathroom Planting Ideas

Lovely and Ideal Bathroom Planting Ideas

Homiful.com -- Plants are typically placed in bedrooms or guest rooms to add a more appealing decorative accents. But have you considered adding planter to your bathroom? Plants in the bathroom will not only improve the interior design but will also help to relieve stress and anxiety. Use these incredible planter ideas to transform a stylish room into a forest.

Ideas for hanging basket arrangements


This concept is simple to implement in your bathroom. Excellent for use with vines such as pothos, ferns, and others. Using a Pepsi bottle recycling planter, cut the pattern shown. other media only require a strong rope to hook onto the room's ceiling.

Wall planting vertical garden concept


Planting an oval or round shape planter made of a strong resin material will highlight your type of ornamental plant. Plant a succulent vine in oen pot for an attractive and unifying mix of ornamental plants.

Planting ideas for above the toilet


Plant it on a transverse bathroom to add a soft touch and an elegant look to a classy bathroom model. Use wood shelves to add a decorative touch and a more polished appearance to your bathroom.

Plants can be hung in the shower pipe


Suspend the shower pipe as shown to hang houseplants. This planting ideas is extremely simple and ideal for a sophisticated bathroom design. Again, the most creative, if with tree plants like palms to make the room appear tropical. 

Horizontal planting wooden shelving ideas


If the vertical concept is too narrow for various plant types. You can try the horizontal model plantint idea again by using a wooden planter box. This planter can be filled with spider plants, which are great for cleaning pollutants and keeping the bathroom humid. 

Orchid planter DIY


Make the bathroom more festive by filling a wooden planter basket with orchids. Hook it to the ceiling with a string rope or leave it on the windowsill near the bathroom.

 Plants can be hung from logs


Water propagation is a method of propagating plants grown in water. You can use this ideas to make your home bathroom look more slick and beautiful. For a one-of-a-kind planting, use glass media, rattan rope, and a piece of wood.

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