7 Indoor Plants that Don't Require Water (Before a Month)

7 Indoor Plants that Don't Require Water (Before a Month)

Homiful.com -- Perhaps this is the best way to kill ornamental plants for the forgetful or the busiest people who rarely take care of the house, including ornamental plants. However, in contrast to some plants, which can go for up to a month without being watered.
Although water is essential, these plants will grow beautifully in the house for up to 30 days.

Devil's Backbone


This plant, which grows in arid areas, is tough enough to go without water for an extended period of time. Watering intervals of about 15 - 25 days ahead are ideal for indoors.

ZZ plant


Known for its hardiness, the ZZ plant is water-tolerant plant. It will rot when the soil becomes wet  as a result of its waterlogged soil and excessive watering scale. Direct or indirect sunlight tolerance.



Ponytail is the best succulent for use as a room decoration because it has water storage in the stem and requires almost a month of watering.



Schefflera is a plant that thrives in wet soil. Watering it every 10 - 15 days will keep its leaves green. Overwatering, on the other hand, is frowned upon for long periods of time.

String of pearls


This string of pearl plants is a succulent that is susceptible to overwatering. As a result, watering is only beneficial when the soil is dry. Water once every 10 to 15 days. In contrast to winter, which only requires watering once a month.

Haworthia Zebra


The succulent plant listed below can survive in dry soil for days. When the soil is dry, this plant only needs to be watered once. This plant is ideal for decorating spaces, particularly tables.

Ficus elastica


Rubber plants thrive in secluded areas with little watering. Watering every 15 days will improve plant growth. Furthermore, during the fall or winter, this plant only requires simple maintenance such as watering and providing nutrients as needed.

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