7 Hosta Garden Design Ideas to Bring Your Yard to Lifes

 Homiful.com - Try creating a Hosta garden for different vibes and bring life atmosphere around your home. Especially with the variety of plants in this Hosta garden, which will make you feel relaxed. Look at these 7 Hosta Garden Design Ideas to Bring Your Yard to Life. Check it out!

Add companion plants


Provide fabulous colors and texture, and adding companion plants in the Hosta garden will improve your design. Well-combining shade perennials by Hosta include ferns, dicentra, and perennial geraniums. And for annuals, try impatiens, dusty miller, and strawberry begonia.

Get variety in the Hosta garden


In the Hosta garden, you can try to grow various Hosta species with variegated leaves and colors. It will make you have a life garden even if the garden has a small size. Just arrange it nicely to get pretty nuance.

Vary colors with variegated leaves


Hosta has many shades at their variegated. And you can try to combine them in right to get a fabulous Hosta garden. Hosta coloration can be affected by sun exposure, some blues and dark greens perform best in full or part shade, and a gold edge might fade to white if it gets too much sun.

Hosta garden in a vertical rack


A limited yard at home maybe makes you must get creative to create a Hosta garden. Use the rack that you have for the Hosta garden. Hosta that grows in a pot can be put on this rack and arranged with nicely.

Add texture for a gorgeous garden


The leaves of Hosta have stunning textures and various colors. Some are smooth and shiny, some have a matte appearance, some have deep grooves, and some have a puckered or corrugated surface. The textures affect the way the Hosta reflects sunlight, and moonlight, or how it glistens after a rain shower.

Try for large leaves


Hosta with large or giant leaves can also grow in your garden area. This dramatic Hosta brings on point effect to their look. 

Get a cohesive look with solid color


The color range of Hosta leaves is truly astounding. And the solid color of Hosta can increase your garden view which includes lights to dark greens, blue, yellow-green, gold, and even white-leafed varieties.

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