7 Gorgeous Patio Decor Ideas that You Can Copy

Homiful.com -- Patio is one part of the house that is pleasant to use as a relaxing area while enjoying the freshness of the surrounding garden. Although it is only used for relaxing, you still need to decorate it attractively to provide comfort and satisfaction. For some patio decoration ideas that you can imitate, check out some of the pictures below.

Use large plants


Enjoying relaxing time with your family while having small chats will be a pleasant routine in this area. To create instant freshness, you can mimic the use of large plants that you can place in a planter so that you can still organize them more easily.

Outdoor small patio


Not taking up much space, this small patio has a harmonious color selection on each component. The small sofa and the table seem to have a plain soft color. The additional pattern on the sofa cushion can give a decorative touch.

Pergola with plants


The use of a pergola on a patio can bring shade and comfort. You can add vines as a pergola roof that looks unique and not owned by many people. Of course, you have to be smart in choosing the type of vines that are suitable for your environment.

Simple patio furniture


There are not many components that you need to have a patio with a style like this one. Just a sofa and a table are enough to create a cozy area. Give some plants as decorations around the sofa and patio wall. For the final touch, put some lights so that you can visit this area even at night.

Soothing appearance


Many people prefer a natural look like this one, especially in a relaxing setting. Why is this the case? Because this natural look can provide a warm and calming vibe to anyone who wears it. Plants on the edge of the patio wall are also a great way to add comfort because they are known to improve the quality of the air around them.

Clever ideas with private spot


Because it is divided into two sections, this small patio idea will appeal to anyone. You can relax more privately in the covered area, and then move to the open area to enjoy the sunshine.

Small patio with bohemian style


The bohemian style is also popular due to its more relaxed appearance. The use of knits is usually a unique touch, and it can be applied to a small patio. Fabric can be used as a functional decorating touch by acting as a curtain to keep the sun out if the day is too hot.




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