7 Best Small Terrarium Plants for Enclosed Terrariums


7 Best Small Terrarium Plants for Enclosed Terrariums

Homiful.com -- Find a tiny terrarium idea that fits the container you want to use as a room decoration. A tiny terrarium requires a fairly difficult method, but the result are undeniably impressive. The tiny terrarium design is very appealing due to the variety of plant types, bright colors, and planter size. You can find some of the 7 list in the best reviews below to help you find inspiring terrarium ideas.

Boston fern in terrarium pyramid


This model is one of the unique terrarium ideas available. The shape of a pyramid planter with a hollow center simplifies design. Natural rock can also be used to make the terrarium more one-of-a-kind.

Terrarium with polka dots plants


Polka dot terrarium plants are commonly used to fill container. This small and attractive plant with colorful leaves and red spots completes the mini terrarium look.

Echeveria family


A clump of echeveria would appear simple and charming. With thick, fleshy leaves and a small size, this is one of the easiest plants to grow in a mini terrarium. As well as maintenance, which is as simple as paying attention to watering and proper lighting.

Child with gentle fittonia


Fittonia chicks are another option for terrarium plants. It will look great in an open terrarium. To help increase plant fertility, use only one type of fittonia and composted soil.

Moss of gold


Even in other plant growing media, moss is one of the best terrarium plants. With a bunch of fittonia plants or polka dot plates in contrasting colors, this tiny terrarium idea is quite complex.

Plants with nerve endings


A nerve plant is another option for small terrarium; a variety can be grown in this planter. This design will include a colorful and lovely terrarium to decorate a room table.

Lemmaphyllum Microphyllum


Is a small fern that grows to be less than 1/2 inch in diameter. The leaves are longer and can produce spores. Because this plant grows as an epiphytic species, it pairs well with long fibrous sphagnum moss. 

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