7 Air-Purifying Plants that are Difficult to Kill

7 Air-Purifying Plants that are Difficult to Kill

Homiful.com -- For houseplant enthusiast, using them for decoration is more than just making the interior look fresh and tropical. However, houseplant are an effective and inexpensive tool for improving the air quality of a room. This list of plants will be excellent air purifiers that cannot be killed.

Boston Fern


This air purifying plant, which grows in humid tropical areas and prefers indirect light, would look lovely in a hanging basket. Boston fern requires regular watering to thrives as a room decoration.

Snake Plant


Sansevieria is one of the most difficult houseplants to kill. This plant prefers soil that is dry and receives regular watering. It is almost suitable for any room and is light tolerant.

Aloe Vera 


Aside from being simple to care for, this plant has numerous advantages. Because it grows in neglect, it is ideal for beginners. Tolerant of sunlight. Aside from being an air purifier, it can also be a cosmetic ingredient blend.

Ficus Plant


When grown either indoors or outdoors, this ficus will mostly grow into a tree. Low maintenance with or without bright light and only watering when the soil is dry.

Peace lily


This low-maintenance peace plant is ideal for use as an air purifiers in small spaces. It's simple to grow and blooms almost all summer. it has a pleasant odor, but if is toxic to children and pets.

Spider plant


The most simple air purifying plant to grow is ideal for beginners. The spider plant prefers bright, indirect light. To keep it put of the house, put it in a pot with soil. It will grow well and, if you're lucky, will produce flowers.



This plant varieties are numerous and easy to find as house or office plants. It is low-maintenance and can grow up to 3 feet tall as an indoor plant. It is, however, extremely dangerous for dogs and snakes.

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