The Hoya Flower's Secret Secret and How to Make it Bloom

The Hoya Flower's Secret Secret and How to Make it Bloom -- The hoya plant is well-known for its glossy leaves, but the flowers are real and fragrant. This hoya planting can be done all over the house to provide a pleasant fragrance. This hoya grows in groups and does well in warm environments. Here's the best way to get hoya to bloom.


How long it takes for hoya to bloom


Before flowering, hoya must be fully bloomed and mature. Approximately 2 to 5 years, depending on the variety planted. This takes much longer than usual. Hoya Lobii, for example. This hoya plant can flower in spring or summer. Other varieties may bloom in the fall or winter as well.

How to get a hoya plant to bloom

Timing is of the essence to getting the hoya to flower properly. To make the hoya plant bloom, you muse prepare several methods.

More sunlight


Hoya plants prefer direct, bright sunlight. This is a critical factor in promoting flowering. Make sure to put the hoya in an area that gets about 3 - 4 hours of sunlight with light lighting.

Give proper food


You must liquid fertilizer to properly feed and nourish hoya. With nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium this will make the growth boost of flowering plants for months.

Examine the humidity level


Hoya prefers humidity levels above 40%, which you can maintain indoors or on a tray of gravel and water. This is a good option, but make sure the water does not touch the pot's bottom.

Keep it in the root bound state


The best way to encourage flowering is to keep the hoya root bound. Because forming roots causes plants to use their energy to grow more flowers rather than forming roots and growing donwards.

Pruning should be avoided


Make sure not to over-prune the flowers and allow them to fall off naturally. Cut off the flowers as new ones emerge from the same spot, depriving the plant of the opportunity to produce more flowers.

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