The Best Houseplants for Christmas Decoration -- Christmas decorations come from all things merry and bright. Plants are no exception. There are some plants known as Christmas plants. Those plants celebrate Christmas by spreading cherry-colored foliage for Christmas cheer. Some of these plants can also be grown well indoors.

Set out your Christmas plants at home and you'll get a merry and lovely decor for Christmas. Here are the best houseplants for Christmas decorations.

Red, Bold Poinsettias


Set out a poinsettia as a classic Christmas decoration plant in your home. Look how Christmassy red those bracts are! The bright red creates a festive Christmas atmosphere.

Poinsettia prefers bright, indirect light. Water it when the top soil is dry to keep it happy. The flowers will bloom from mid-November to January. It's the ultimate Christmas houseplant for anyone.

Lovely Christmas Cactus


The Christmas cactus is a centerpiece plant for your home. Give them enough light, and you'll get lovely blooms every year for the holidays. They come in a variety of colors, including crimson red, lavender, magenta and other colors.

Proper treatment will lead a Christmas cactus live for 20 to 100 years. This plant will be a memorable Christmas plant for every generation.

Adorable Kalachoes


Kalanchoes are a favorite holiday plant. This succulent houseplant prefers bright light but not direct sunlight. They don't like ever-watering either. Proper care will reward you with tiny flowers in dazzling color.

Beautiful Amaryllis


Red is the rule for the holiday. Amaryllis is showy with large trumpet flowers. You can grow the bulb in water or in soil. Amaryllises will reward you with big, red spectacular blooms. The red color will make visitors to your house stunned at a Christmas party.

Stunning Christmas Rose


The Christmas rose or Helleborus niger, is a great winter-blooming plant for your home decor. Unlike other Jolly Christmas plant, this plant amazes with white flowers and showy golden-yellow stamens. Grow them in a sunny spot, and when the leaves drop, it's time to water.

Norflok Island Pine


Norfolk Island Pine makes a great substitute for a large Christmas tree. This plant has small green leaves like fir trees, which is typical of a Christmas atmosphere. Norfolk Island Pine can even be decorated with little string lights for a warm atmosphere on Christmas Eve.

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