North Facing Window Plants: 7 Houseplants for Northern Exposure - Maybe north-facing windows look bad for the plant. Because the northern area has lower light, and it can inhibit plant growth. But surprisingly, there are plants that can thrive in a north-facing area with lower light. What are they? Look to these 7 Houseplants for Northern Exposure. Check it out!

Aspidistra elatior (Cast Iron Plant)


This houseplant has dark green, broad, strapping foliage with long leaf stems. Aspidistra elatior suitable to place at northern area because tolerate with low light and is tough as nails. Besides then, they also tolerate dry soil conditions.

Dracaena marginata


Also known as Dragon Tree, this houseplant can grow in a north-facing window. Dracaena marginata boasts slender and strappy foliage. And the leaves get variegated in color, like pink, white, and green. Don't overwater this houseplant. But you can keep the soil moist.

Adiantum (Maidenhair Fern)


Adiantum has soft and gentle fronds that spread out from the base of the plant. Native to North America, this houseplant is perfect grows in northern areas to avoid direct sunlight. 

Easy to care for, Adiantum prefers moderate temperatures, high humidity and continually moist soil. Don't let the soil dry out completely.

Monstera deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)


Tolerate with low light, Monstera perfect place in north-facing window. They will grow a little beefier with more light. Also known as Swiss Cheese Plants, you can provide them with a moss pole or trellis to climb. Keep the houseplant moist, but let it get dry before watering again.



Heart-leaf Philodendron love in low light condition. You can grow them in a hanging basket or put a trellis or moss pole to climb. Easy to care for, Philodendron also tolerates irregular watering.

Spider plant


This popular houseplant is also easy to grow and low maintenance. They can grow in low light and high humidity. Place them in a west, east, or north-facing window. 

Spider plants produce baby plants at the end of long stems that hang down from the mother plant. Don't fertilize and keep them evenly moist.



Mostly known as Chinese evergreen, this houseplant is easy to grow. The green-leaved handle low light better than the colorful leaved. But both will do well if placed close to a north-facing window. 

If you want to water them, get a check first by sticking your finger into the soil and water only when the soil is dry down to the depth of your middle knuckle.

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