How to Grow A Big Coleus in Your Home -- Imagine having a coleus plant this big in your house. Forget about other decorations, since a big coleus will be the center of attention there. A big coleus will make a big statement. Colorful leaves effortlessly brighten up any corner.

Learn how to grow coleus as a big plant in your garden or home. Keep reading for how to grow a big coleus in your home.

1. Begin with the big coleus varieties


Coleus is typically grown as a shrubs or as a houseplant. However, they would make a stunning big plant because of their great size. Coleus must be trained in order to grow lush and large.

Begin by selecting a large-growing coleus, such as Mariposa, Orange King, Vulcan or Candy Store. Larger varieties take on tree forms more quickly, if you want to grow it as an indoor tree.

2. Get a large container


Coleus that grows big and lush will have big roots too. Don't forget to provide a large container with enough space for growth and expansion. Large containers allow you yo do the trick. You can plant more than one coleus plant in pots and make them grow big together. It will give the coleus a big, super lush look.

3. Grow it as a tree


Growing coleus as a tree requires special techniques.

Pick a well-rooted coleus with a straight and tall stem. Remove all the leaves on the lower part of the trunk. Insert a stake about the desired height into the pot. se elastic ties to attach the trunk to the stakes. 

Wait for it to grow. Prune the leaves until only leaf cluster remain on the top trunk. This will allow the leafless trunk to get taller.

4. Make coleus tree grow lush


Remove coleus inflorescences as this can stun their lush growth. When it reaches your desired height, do the topping way to remove the plant's growing tops. If you pinch the top of the stem, the plant will become denser and more attractive. The more you do this, your coleus will look like a stunning ball of foliage.

5. Give the best care


Coleus are thirsty plants that require regular watering. They like bright light with several hours of direct sunlight in winter. In the summer, moderately bright light is perfectly fine. If yo leave it outside in the summer, you can put it in a spot with shade.

Give them 10-10-10 liquid fertilize for 10-21 days during an active growing session, especially from March to October.

6. Be patient!


It will take some time too grow the coleus as big and lush as shown in the picture. Choose big specimens for fast growth. Keep your coleus away from the cold winds around your house. Perform repotting to adjust the growth of colues. When it reaches the size of a tree, a 10-inch-diameter pot may be required.

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