Classy Silver Leaf Houseplants to Add to Your Collection -- Silvery plants will round out your plant collection. Plants with silver leaves or a whitish tint give off an elegant, classy, and fresh vibe, wherever you grow them. Effortlessly, a silver-leafed plant will make a pretty focal point in any home. Here's the classy silver leaf houseplants to add to your collection.

1. Marble queen pothos


Marble queen pothos is stunning with its heart-shaped leaves in green with silvery white variegated. These are cascading vines that would look great as a trailing or hanging plant in your home. This plant prefers slightly moist soil; don't let it dry out completely. Keep it away from drafty windows and in a spot with plenty of bright, indirect light.

2. Sinningia Leucotricha


It is a succulent perennial with silvery-white foliage and furry leaves. This unique plant can also produce fragrant red-orange tubular flowers. It's such a fuzzy and mesmerizing plant that prefers bright, indirect light over direct sunlight. During the growing season, you can water the plant to keep the soil moist.

3. Scindapsus silver hero


As the name implies, Scindapsus silver hero has the characteristic of silvery leaves. This plant is almost like a pothos plant, but more exotic, with green leaves with bolder silver splashes.

Scindapsus silver hero grow best in bright, indirect light. This is the perfect plant for a sunny window, as long as it's keep away from too much direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves.

4. Begonia rex 'Silver Limbo'


Classic and exotic plants that will add to your plant collection. Begonia rex ''Silver Limbo'' has serrated leaves in metallic silver and backsides in purple-red. They can grow large leaves up tp 6 inches tall and wide.

5. Begonia Silver Dollar


Another begonia plant that has an exotic silvery splash. This is a silver dollar begonia that has dollar begonia that has dollar-shaped leaves. The silver leaves are striking, and the veins look stunning. This plant tolerates dry air but prefer spots with high humidity.

6. Alocasia Silver Dragon


Alocasia 'Baginda Silver Dragon' is probably a rare alocasia. This is because they are hard to come. Its intricate leaves, which resemble dragon scales, are so unique. This plant prefers a warm humid environment. Water them regularly and avoid exposing them to harsh sunlight, which makes them suffer.

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