Christmas Decoration with Fresh Greenery

Christmas Decoration with Fresh Greenery -- When the holiday season comes around, you have a lot of decorating options. One of them has live plants that can be used to make flower bouquets for the home. The best way to fill the house with vibrant, fresh green color during the holidays or around Christmas is with decorative plant. The following review lists the top Christmas greenery options:

Christmas that's metallic and rustic


You could use a large vase with a particular kind of pine plant. It has a natural feel thanks ti weathered rustic decorations and Christmas greenery. Additionally to metallic ornaments that enhance the festive appearance.

Norfolk pine


Norfolk pine is the best Christmas evergreen for creating a festive atmosphere. This green plant will make an excellent impression. The following decorations can be hung in the home cabinet with pinecones.

Use fragrant herbs


To combine green Christmas wreaths or plants, use aromatic plants with a unique winter scent. Such as a mixture of eucalyptus, balsam, juniper, cedar, or pine. As a festive Christmas decoration, this will be the dominant shrub. 

Wreath of unity


At Christmas, a wreath can be placed in front of the door to create a welcoming atmosphere. To add an energetic  look, use houseplant like norfolk, nobilis, cedar, and a bunch of dried pinecones or dried lemons.

Poinsettias in yellow


The poinsettia is a Christmas plant and a holiday symbol of joy. If you usually use red poinsettias, this decoration will provide a more energetic accent with yellow poinsettias. Combine it with some Norfolk pine. Scented eucalyptus or peace lily.

Accompanied by olives


When the leaves dry, they become beautiful and curved. This olive would be a refreshing alternative to traditional Christmas greenery. Other withered leaves will also make an eye-catching display when the holiday arrive.

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