Best Plants For Rooms without Windows -- Indoor plants provide huge advantages. Among them, plants can enhance the beauty of the interior, and it has been discovered that certain plants have the ability to effectively purify the air.
Especially, if your room does not have a window.
Plants can be used to make a room appear cooler. They do not only grow in sunlight; many plants can grow in a dark room or without a window. 
We've compiled a list of the best plants for rooms without windows, just for you!

Peace lily


If you are looking for the best indoor plants, the Peace lily is one of the best plants. Peace lily has white flowers that symbolize chastity. 

The plant is easy to grow even in a low-light room. No wonder many fall in love with the Peace lily.

Cast iron plant


Another hardy indoor plant is the Cast iron plant. This plant s the name implies can survive or grow well in a room without windows.
Cast iron plant is suitable for growing at home, or office. The look of this plant is also attractive with green leaves that can refresh the room. So that productivity will increase.

Chinese evergreen/ Aglaonema


All varieties of Aglaonema offer the alluring beauty of leaves. Chinese evergreen is a plant that can grow in shady spaces.
This plant has low maintenance and can work well to purify the air in the room. It is suitable for use as a decoration of a corner of the room away from the window.

Philodendron heartleaf


These vines with refreshing green leaves can make the room look cooler and more beautiful. Philodendron has leaves with a heart-like shapes. Just like pothos, Philodendron also comes in many varieties, and all of them are easy to grow even indoors without light.
You can hang Philodendron on baskets or pots for decorating the room.

Neon Pothos


Neon Pothos has the Botanical name Epipremnumaureum neon. As the name implies, these vines have stunning leaves with a fiery green color.
Pothos is the easiest plant to grow and without special care. You can even grow them in water.

That's a collection of the best plants for rooms without windows. Happy growing at home.

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