9 Best Hanging Plants That Tolerate Low Light Indoors

 Homiful.com - Whether you want to brighten up a dark home or spruce up the indoor area, you can put the houseplant as the solution. Don't worry if you have a small space, you can hang the houseplant for efficiency. 

Get more with these 9 Best Hanging Plants That Tolerate Low Light Indoors. Check it out!

Boston Fern


Adding a splash of bright green, Boston fern is perfect to shine indoors. Grow in a lush houseplant, you can plant this fern in the hanging basket. 

And hang them at the right spot for a pretty indoor houseplant. This houseplant can place in an area with low or indirect light, which gives it plenty of room for air circulation.

English Ivy


Have gorgeous looks, English Ivy can grow in a hanging basket to help them climb. You can put this houseplant in the trailing area or above the cabinet or other. 

Mist well to ward off pests. Get English Ivy in a place that has low or indirect low light. Make sure to keep the soil moist, but not too soggy.



One of the popular houseplants, Monstera also can grow with hanging to save more space in your small house. Monstera has trademark cut leaves and is also known as tropical houseplants. 

They prefer medium to bright indirect light and like humidity. Keep the soil slightly moist for the best growth.

Arrowhead Plant


It has the botanical name Syngonium podophyllum, this houseplant loves humidity and can thrive in low to medium indirect light. Arrowhead plants start off bushy, and the vines stretch and twist over time making them perfect for a hanging houseplant.

Hoya Silver Dollar


Mostly known as wax plants, Hoya can survive in low to bright indirect light, and they also like humidity. Make sure to keep the soil moist in warm months and water less in winter. 

If you wanna have a pretty view of this houseplant, get away from the direct sun to avoid burning leaves that tend to scorch.

Spider Plant


Include low-maintenance houseplants and mostly found anywhere, Spider plants perfectly grow in hanging baskets. Prefer bright to medium indirect light, they also tolerate low light. 

Don't overwater this houseplant because it can get root rot. And Spider Plant is easy to propagate if you want to have more.

Peperomia Prostrata


Peperomia is a houseplant that comes in plenty of varieties which is has different leaf shapes, colors, and variegation. But, you can care by putting them in indirect, bright light. 

If you wanna watering this houseplant, allow the topsoil to dry between watering. Get less watering in cold months.

Bird's Nest Fern


From the natural rainforest, Bird's Nest Fern is a houseplant that perfectly grows indoors. You can keep this houseplant in a humid area like the bathroom. Avoid them from the direct sun that can make yellow the leaves.



Growing vines, Pothos has similar to Philodendron. You can put Pothos on a tabletop or hang them in baskets. 

This houseplant is low maintenance and has a good air purifier. Put them in an area with low or indirect light. Allow the soil to dry completely between watering.

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