8 Best Beautiful Lush Houseplants

 Homiful.com - Lush plants do not always give a messy and dirty effect on your home. You can set the lush plant right for shining the abode. Then, you can look at these 8 Best Beautiful Lush Houseplants. Check it out!

Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant)


One of the most popular houseplants, Monstera can grow indoors or outdoors. They also can grow climb and lush. Put this houseplant in an area with warm climates without direct sunlight. The holes in their foliage can make a distinctive decor in the interior of your home.

Maidenhair Fern


Part of fern and give a tropical accent, you can grow this beautiful houseplant in the indoor area. Having this fern indoors can bring a warm spot. They have feathery and light green leaves.

Rubber Plant


Rubber plants can bring elegant vibes, perfect as decoration at your home or office. They have a suitable mix of dark green and burgundy. This houseplant prefers bright, indirect light for maximum growth.

Devil's Ivy


Or mostly known as Pothos, this popular houseplant perfectly enhances your home area. Be it indoor or outdoor, you can grow them in a hanging basket or just put them on the tabletop. They are also low maintenance and suitable for busy people or beginners.

Pilea Peperomioides


Chinese money or Pilea is a popular houseplant that is perfect for indoor decoration. Native to China, this houseplant has glossy and bright shades of green leaves. They also fast reproduce baby plants, so you must get care to keep the looks.

Mass Cane or Dracaena Massangeana


This houseplant can grow between 1.2 to 1.8 meters tall. Mass cane has long light yellow and green leaves. Put them in an area that is away from direct light.

Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane


Bring this houseplant to stand out your indoor looks. A Dumb Cane is not difficult to grow. So, you must get attention to pruning them if you don't like messy plants.

ZZ Plant


As a low-maintenance houseplant, the ZZ plant is perfect to decorate your indoor area. They can withstand long periods even without water as this remarkable plant can store water.

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