7 Houseplant that Attract Money and Bring Good Fortune In 2022

7 Houseplant that Attract Money and Bring Good Fortune In 2022

Homiful.com -- Find more ornamental plants that can bring good fortune to the following year in 2002. Perhaps you are only familiar with a few types of ornamental plants that are thought to bring good luck and attract money into the house and to the owner. Here are some that will astound you.

 Pachira Aquatica


Pachira aquatica is the top plant on the list of gift and luck attracting plants. When placed in the corner of a room, this plant is said to bring good luck. This plant adds a touch of class to any room. Place it in the north corner as the wealth corner.

Cordyline Terminalis


This plant's magical powers imply that it can bring good luck and money to the home. This cordyline can be grown in a pot with good drainage. This plant will add color to a brighter space. To keep it thriving at 10 degrees Celsius, keep it out of filtered sunlight.

Ficus Elastica


These plants, in addition to being beautiful as home decorations, are thought to attract wealth, luck, and prosperity according to feng shui. This plant is a type of tree that grows well indoors and can be used in a variety of settings. This is also the most powerful plant among the others.

Jade plant


This succulent, also known as the jade plant, has small pink or white flowers. The color of the leaves, which appear green with a golden hue when outside, can be brought inside. This plant is also thought to include plants that bring good luck or can be described as a money tree. 

Pilea peperomioides


The Chinese money plant, also known as the Chinese money plant, is a popular houseplant. Can bring positive energy to the home while attracting wealth. This plant has lovely round leaves that would look great in any room. Keep it away from direct sunlight and water the plants only when the soil is dry.



According to Irish folklore, oxalis is a plant that exemplifies the doctrine of the holy trinity because each leaf contains the holy spirit, father, and son. As a result, this plant is thought to bring good fortune. Maintaining it is relatively simple, simply place it in a location that receives direct sunlight and has a high humidity level.

Lucky bamboo


It is not surprising that this plant has been crowned as an ornamental plant capable of bringing good luck to its owner. This plant has bamboo-likes stems that grow in clusters with thin green leaves. Its easy growth can be grown in water or soil-filled pots, even when neglected.

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