7 Beautiful Trees You Can Grow Indoors

Homiful.com -- Bringing trees inside has been shown to directly change the tone and atmosphere of the home. The atmosphere of a cooler room will feel like you've returned to nature.
There are numerous types of trees that can be grown indoors. If you want to grow, here are 7 beautiful trees you can grow indoors! Let's take a look!

1. Weeping Fig


Weeping fig or known by another name Ficus Benjamina is one of the indoor plants that are often found. They are plants that can grow tall with low maintenance. No wonder many fall in love with them
The most favorite place is near the window to get indirect sunlight.

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig


The second large-sized plant is Fiddle leaf fig. The plant is very popular with its characteristic wide and charming leaves.

Fiddle leaf fig is a plant that grows with dense leaves. Suitable for use to liven up the atmosphere of the house.

3. Pachira Aquatica


The plant is known by the name of Guiana chestnut. If grown indoors, this plant is believed to bring good luck.
They are slow-growing trees, with beautiful leaves.

4. Parlor Palm


Almost all varieties of Palm plants look elegant and charming. One of them is the Parlor palm. This plant has dense green leaves, and the room will feel cooler and fresher.
For a charming look, you can combine it with an elegant wooden pot.

5. Rubber tree


Rubber tree has the Botanical name Ficus Elastica. They are perfect for those of you who are looking for plants with low maintenance.
Rubber tree is easy to grow and does not require special care. Suitable for bringing the corner of your room to life.

6. Scehfflera Arboricola


They are popular with the name of the Umbrella tree. This tall ornamental plant has green leaves that can brighten your room.
The plant grows well with indirect light.

7. Yucca 


 Yucca is a tree with characteristic leaves with a beautiful pointed tip. The plant is easy to grow, and suitable for novice gardeners.

Yucca likes sunny places, suitable for you to put it near the window.

Those are the 7 beautiful trees you can grow indoors. Which is your favorite tree?

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