6 Chinese New Year Flowers or Fruits to Bring You Luck

 Homiful.com - Including lucky things, plants and fruits is an important part of the Chinese New Year. Besides improving the decoration and feeling the Chinese New Year vibes, this plant or fruit also brings luck to your home area. 

So, what are they? Look to these 6 Chinese New Year Flowers or Fruits to Bring You Luck. Check it out!

Phalaenopsis amabilis (Phalaenopsis Orchid)


A beautiful flower, the Phalaenopsis orchid brings luck during Chinese New Year. You can put this plant on a tabletop or in other areas with good Feng Shui. 

This orchid has a butterfly wing shape. It also symbolizes good luck and springtime joy and longevity.

Mandarin Orange


One of the most things sought Chinese New Year is Mandarin Orange often encountered in China or by people who celebrate Chinese New Year. 

This tree has good luck and usually hangs with angpao at its branches. The color of Mandarin Orange have meant a bright life and is a source of positive energy.

Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese Money Plants)


This houseplant is beautiful and has round coin-like leaves. Chinese Money Plant is a popular houseplant that can bring prosperity. And this greenery is perfect to decorate during Chinese New Year.

Mei Hwa


This flower has similar type to Sakura flowers. You can put this flower at your house during the Chinese New Year. And Mei Hwa also believed can bring prosperity, luck, and happiness. 

Besides can bring luck at home, Mei Hwa is also used as medicine because they have natural antioxidants that help maintain the body's immune system and are good for the skin.

Peace Lily


One of the popular houseplants, Peace Lily can use during Chinese New Year. Peace Lily symbolizes prosperity, purity, and virtue. 

You can place the Peace Lily on a tabletop, a corner area, or another that is perfect and make stunning decorations at home.

Lucky Bamboo Plant


Lucky Bamboo is a plant that is famous and often find in China. You can use this plant as decoration during the Chinese New Year. 

Usually, Lucky Bamboo is placed on the tabletop, corner area, or other. This Lucky Bamboo has 5 elements of Feng Shui: wood, earth, metal, water, and wind.

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