The Top Plants for Winter Windowsills

The Top Plants for Winter Windowsills -- With the right maintenance, indoor plants can last a very long time. Some people frequently travel outside the city while on vacation, especially during the winter. For those who enjoy ornamental plants but want to keep their home cool even when they are gone for days at a time in the winter, this is a challenge. The majority of windows in winter are not the ideal location for plants, but you can pick from a list of these varieties to enhance any area of the room.

Snake plant


The best place for this dracaena's lance-shaped yellow-green foliage is a windowsill. Withstands temperature changes and performs admirably. This snake plant thrives in a window sill location that tolerates cold temperatures, even in the winter. Other than in the summer, this plant should be considered in terms of temperature, moist soil, and sunlight.



The best place for a fern that can withstand colder temperatures is on a window sill. This fern enjoys warm, humid weather as well as window light that is both direct and indirect.



When choosing succulents for your indoor windowsill plants and storing them for the winter, you can never go wrong. Easily maintained plants, with ideal lighting and watering. Put it in a big planter and place it around the windowsill for good drainage.

Spider plant


In the winter, spider plant are very popular for window sills. To prevent burning leaves, hang it around the windowsill and put up a canopy cover that lets sunlight in. Provide a temperature that is between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.



The philodendron is one of the toughest and most challenging plants to eradicate. This plant does well indoors and is unaffected by the cold weather. Popular due to its lush foliage, ease of maintenance, and requirement for good soil and moisture.

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