Important Signs It's Time to Repot Your Plant -- A happy plant will surely grow, including extending its roots. Plant roots can even grow out of the container. It's just that the signs can be subtle at times; the plant may show certain signs that might worry you.

Ge to know their language; all of these signs may indicate that your plant requires a new, larger pot for its roots. Keep reading for important signs it's time to repot your plant.

Wild roots


The first thing you'll notice is root growth. If roots appear to be protruding from the pot or container, that's a clear sign that the plant's roots are growing and need a bigger space. Too-small containers prevent the roots from absorbing the nutrients and water they need. They may suffer gradually before dying.

Yellowing leaves


Yellowing leaves are common. That could be an indication of aging leaves changing with better growth.

Overwatering can cause fungal problems and root rot, so look for yellowed patches or spots with dark ring on the leaves. If that happen, cut off the rotten roots and transfer them to a new pot with suitable soil for the plant.

Top Heavy


The third sign is also obvious. Plants look much bigger in such a tiny pot. Plant become heavier and fall more easily. Plants do look lush, but the longer they'll struggle to grow. Your plant shouldn't be 2-3 times the size of its growing pot. It's time to repot your plant if the bigger 3 times than the container.

Wilting plant


Wilted foliage is easy to fix. That might be a sign they need a drink. However, if you're sure there's nothing wrong with your plant's watering schedule, it may be an indication that it needs to be repotted.

Root-bound plants can cause dropping leaves, the roots can't take in water in the container. The stems and leaves do not receive water either, which causes them to droop.

Slowed growth


A fine plant must grow. You can see it clearly too. However, if the plant's growth is stunted, it may be a sign that they hate their growing soil, it is time to repot and provide suitable soil for the plants.

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