How to Propagate and Thrive Orchids at Home

How to Propagate and Thrive Orchids at Home -- Orchids are beautiful flowering plants that are commonly grown at home. Because of its unusual color, this plant can be difficult to care for individuals who are unfamiliar with it. Consider the following reviews if you want to have special skills in terms of growing and caring for it.


When is the best time to propagate orchids?


Know when the best time is to multiply this orchid. The best seasons are autumn and spring. Spring and summer are ideal because new roots can be established quickly. 

Orchid propagation from cuttings


The most basic method of orchid propagation is by cuttings. Because orchid plants have single stems, this method works best, Make a tray 3 - 4 inches deep with silty sand sides and sphagnum moss.

Cut a 10 - 12 inch long stem near the orchid's base into 2 - 3 sections and tie at least one knot. Remember to dip into root hormone before planting in the planting medium. Wait 5 to 8 weeks for ne plantlets to appear.

How to grow orchids from divisions


Furthermore, dividing the orchid to reproduce this plant is possible. When the mother plant is too large and ragged, the shape wrinkles. Divide the plant into two or three divisions, each with three or four pseudobulbs; plant each division in a pot filled with coconut husk. Place it in a location with plenty of light but not too much.

Orchid reproduction with puppies


This is simple procedure for propagation orchids from keiki. Allow a few inches for this baby plant to grow before cutting and transferring to a new pot. Keep in a shady, indirect light location.

How to grow orchids from back tubers


When the orchid blooms and the stem becomes older, it is referred to as a back tuber. Plant propagation can be accomplished by cutting tubers from the parent plant that do not produce leaves. Make sure to have a plant medium ready, such as sized 2's of wet moss. Put the bulbs in a plastic bag and cover with moss. Place the plastic bag in indirect sunlight and cover it.

After propagation consideration


Check that the orchid is growing well and that you are not watering the plants that are just emerging from the drainage holes. Water when the soil is dry, providing balanced nutrition with 1 1/4 strength liquid fertilizer every 4 - 6 weeks.

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