How to Grow a Fully String of Pearls Like the Picture

How to Grow a Fully String of Pearls Like the Picture -- Senecio rowleyanus, the latin name for this plant, is native to the African desert and lives on dry land. A succulent that grows vines and has a unique leaf shape like a small pearl. To get this plant to grow as big as the picture, read the review below for tips and tricks.

More cuttings should be planter


Plant more cuttings to make the pearl strands in one pot fuller. To make it thrive, plant in the same pot, take some cuttings from the plant, and cover it with soil. Do this tricks every time the plant grows long vines.

Keep an eye on the watering


Furthemore, understanding the volume of water that can affect plant growth is necessary when growing pearl strands. Watering too frequently can cause the plant to die. Water slowly, and stop immediately when water begins to flow from the drainage hole. Water only when the soil is dry, adn avoid watering in the winter.

Avoid using hard water to water your plants


This plant dislikes hard water, which can cause white spots on the leaf layer and leaf fall. It will also reduce the plant's ability to absorb light, resulting in slower photosynthesis and stunted growth. Use only soft or filtered water.



When used outside, make sure the pearl strands are exposed to a shady light and keep them away from direct sunlight. If you want to leave it outside, 6 - 8 hours is enough to help the plant grow.

Avoid using excessively large and deep pots


You don't need to use a large or deep pot to grow this senecio with a thick and full one pot. Because these pearl strands have shallow roots, they will remain wet and potentially rof it watered.

Temperature as well as growing medium

Because this is not a frost-resistant plant, keep your pearls strands away from extreme temperatures. Because the minimum temperature is 20 degrees in a warm room during the winter.

The choice of planting medium is also critical. Use a potting mix designed specifically for succulents and cacti. Like a one-part coarse sand mixture.

Proper fertilization


Fertilizers are used to help plants grow large and more nutritious. Use diluted liquid fertilizer for 10 to 14 days. Because the plant is dormant during the winter, no nutrition is provided.

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