7 Ways To Grow Unlimited Spider Plants From The Babies!

 Homiful.com - Growing or propagate the spider plant can say that it's easy and there are just need a few ways to do it. And now, in this article we will share to you about Ways To Grow Unlimited Spider Plants From The Babies!

Growing Spider Plant Babies in water media


Well, it can say that you just put the babies of spider plants in water until they get new roots. But, the main disadvantages of rooting cuttings in water are that the babies of spider plant could rot. 

Or it can go into stock when you plant it into soil. They can be weaker when rooted in water, and take a while to recover from transplant shock.

Growing Spider Plant Babies in soil media


The second method to grow or propagate the babies of spider plants is growing at soil. However, this way can take a little longer from the first way above. And undeniably, this way will give the result strongest and less risk of dying from transplant shock than those that area rooted in water.

Propagate the Spider Plant Babies while they're still attached


In this method, you put a pot next to the mother and stick the starter roots of the baby into the soil while it's still on the stem. Using this way can give you benefit like don't have to worry about transplant shock. 

And, this method can be a bit more difficult, that the babies won't always root as readily as they do when they're removed.

Right time to propagate Spider Plants


Growing or propagate spider plant can do in anytime. But, you can take it during the spring and summer for easiest and quickest. Because this time is the best for plants to grow up. 

And for the babies of spider plants, the best time is when they have their own roots underneath. If mature enough, it may not work.

How long the Spider Plant grow roots


Spider plant babies can grow their root very fast. You can see them in 2-3 days. But it will take 2-4 weeks before they're long enough for transplant.

Get transplant Spider Plant Babies


You can wait the root of spider plant babies in 2-3-inches before transplanting. Watering it well and allow the excess to drain out the bottom. 

Keep the soil moist until the start has become established in its new pot, but don't overwater. They may droop for a few days after, but they should pop back up in a week.

Tips to cut Spider Plant Babies


If you wanna cut the babies of spider plant from the mother, you can cut them as close as the top of the spiderlings. Just so there's no ugly stem sticking out. Make sure that you use a sterile pair of precision clippers to get a clean cut.

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