7 Indoor Metallic-Shimmer Plants

7 Indoor Metallic-Shimmer Plants

Homiful.com -- A dramatic effect will be provided by gathering dramatic ornamental plants to present a distinctive room. Some people rarely choose metallic colors for plants, and it's possible that some of them are unaware of the different kinds of metallic-colored plants. See the list of 7 Indoor Metallic-Shimmer Plants below for some of the varieties:

Metallic palm


Although it grows very slowly, this broad fishtail plant can be found in almost any room of the house and has leaves that almost have a metallic sheen. The strong palm is distinguished by its rigid, strong leaves. It survives for a very long time without watering, but if given too much, it start to turn yellow.

Begonia Incarnata


Members of the large flower family Begoniaceae include begonias with metallic leaves. This metallic foliage is low-maintenance, dense, and rounded. The leaves have a striking metallic luster and a medium growth rate.

Pilea Cadierei


The pilea cadierei is an oval-shaped ornamental plant with metallic leaves that is green in color and has white lines. Husk media may be used by this plant to spread. Has oval, dark green leaves that reach a height of 60 cm and have silvery prominences.

Calathea Rosepicta


Your room would benefit greatly from the metallic sheen on the calathea rosepicta dottie's leaves. Glowing dark green foliage with streaks of fushia pink that catch the light when in the room. The upper surface of this large oval-shaped leaf is primarily green to dark purple in color. And is a South American tropical plant.

Philodendron Mamei


The philodendron is an additional choice for plants with metallic leaves. This compact plant with ruffled, heart-shaped, green leaves that are also silvery grows well indoors. Get this philodendron plant for any room with dim lighting to enjoy its lovely glow.

Begonia Pavonia


This begonia has a gorgeous metallic royal blue color. The Begoniaceae family is proud of its glistening metallic blue leaves. This plant requires only routine watering and lighting to maintain its stunning appearance.

Silver Scindapsus


This ornamental vine from warm, humid areas has metallic silver leaves. Grows between 25 and 40 meters tall, has green leaves with silver accents, and thrives when the leaves are regularly trimmed.

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