7 Houseplants that Should Never, Ever Die


7 Houseplants that Should Never, Ever Die

Homiful.com -- Some houseplants are low maintenance and very tolerant if you are a beginner looking for plants that are difficult to kill. These plants can grow in any room, regardless of space or care requirements. Thank you if you have the following 7 plants for decoration or as home garden plants.

Snake plant


Snake plant is not even a low-maintenance houseplant. This hardy succulent, on the other hand, grows well in almost any room. The distinctive upright leaf shape with yellow and green stripes makes it ideal for table decoration. There are several varieties of this plant, one of which is this cylindrical sansevieria with fat and juicy leaves.

ZZ Plant


The zz plant is another plant that is resistant to low light and difficult to kill. This plant, which dislikes water, can survive with minimal care, has shiny leaves, and is an excellent choice for beginners who enjoy ornamental plants.



This best indoor plants for low light conditions is ideal for bringing downstairs into the room. This plant can thrive with less frequent treatment even if it is not required to be cared for. This plant can go for long periods without water and is unaffected by low humidity.



This tropical rain forest native plants is low-maintenance and has lovely leaf shape. It does not require a lot of direct sunlight and is a forgiving plants if you don't pay attention to it.

Tail of the dragon


This easy-care plant with glossy green foliage, like this graceful tree, requires pruning to keep its growth. This wall-length growing plants can grow quickly and toughly if care for properly.

Philodendron heart-leaf


Philodendron is another ornamental plants that is difficult to eradicate. Even this plant can thrive without the attention it requires. its lovely heart-shape leaves are low light tolerant and look great as hanging plants in corners.

Spider plant


Spider plant are relatively easy to care for and will give the room a tropical feel as hanging plants. Long, pale green leaves with fine white green stripes. This spider plant is very attractive for hanging house plants and includes plants that are difficult to kill.

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