7 Forgiving Houseplants

Homiful.com -- Some plants are so forgiving. They will forgive you, even if you ignore them for a long time. These plants will stay alive until you give them the nutrients and water they need. 

These are 7 forgiving houseplants. These plants are great for you to try as beginner indoor gardening to practice your gardening skills.

1. Aloe vera


We're sure you know the aloe vera plant. This plant has sturdy, thick leaves that make it a tough and pretty hard to kill. Aloe vera can survive for two to three weeks without water and extremely drought tolerant. That means less work for you to take care of them.

2. Sansevieria/snake plants


Sansevieria, also known as mother-in-law tongue plant. It is a great plant for a two-week vacationer. They won't worry you, as they would rather be ignore that get extra attention. This hardy plant likes to be potbound, and it thrives in dry soil.

3. Bromeliads


Bromeliads are extremely hardy plants. Some types of bromeliads can even survive in the sulfur mountains. They remain great houseplants with their stiff leaves and lovely pineapple-like shape. Pick Neoregelia 'Dragon Heart' for these exotic red bromeliads.

4. Cast Iron Plant


This is a plant that has earned a reputation as an indestructible houseplant. The cast iron plant, or Aspidistra elation, survive a lot of neglect and grows under condition where other plants die, such as extreme temperature fluctuations and drought. The cast iron plant even can live in a spot with low light and poor air quality.

5. Lamb's ear plants


It's a plant that people want to touch. With the scientific name Stachy byzantina. This plant has hairy leaves that look like rabbit or lamb ears. They are drought-tolerant and simple to grow. You can also relax known that they are disease-resistant.

6. ZZ Plant


How forgiving is the ZZ plant? Some say you can leave them for a year and come home to find them still alive. This plant is happy in low-to bright-light conditions. Clean their leaves with a clean cloth if they are dusty.

7. Spider plants


The spider plant is the best plant option for water propagation. They grow well in drought conditions but also in water. You can grow them in a glass container and let them grow stronger and thicker roots.

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