7 Easy Houseplants To Propagate (With Pictures)

Homiful.com -- The presence of plants in the home has numerous advantages. Plants, in addition to to their primary function of beautifying the home, can also make the air in the rom feel cooler. It's no surprise that many people fall in love with them.
It is not necessary to purchase many ornamental plants. You can try your hand at propagating houseplants. Fortunately, many ornamental plants are simple to propagate.
Here are 7 easy houseplants to propagate (with pictures) just for you!

1. Spider plant


If you are looking for an ornamental plant that is easy to propagate and also has low maintenance, spider plant is on the list that you must try.
There are two method to propagate Spider plants. First, by separating the plants in the water. The second, directly transfer the plant into a filled with soil.

2. Snake plant or Sansevieria


Maybe almost some people have snake plants. Because the are the best indoor plants and easy to grow anywhere.
Snake plants also turns out to be easy to propagate. The trick is that you separate your plants from the main plants.

3. ZZ plants


Another plant that is easy to propagate is the ZZ plant. They have unique leaves with a glossy touch. As for propagating them, you can do stem cuttings and fallen leaves.

4. String of pearls


Who does not fall in love with the beauty of the String pearls? They are beautiful plants that require special care

You can propagate the String of pearls by Stem cuttings and regrow on pots. Alternatively, you can soak the in water until the roots of the plant appear.

5. String of bananas


Another hanging plant is the String of bananas. Succulent have easy care and a charming look. As the name implies, the string of bananas has a shape similar to a banana fruit. The propagation method is similar to the String of pearls plant.

6. Pilea peperiomiodes


This plant is known by another name, Chinese money plant. They are plants that are easy to grow and easy to propagate.

To propagate Chinese money plant, when growing new plants, you just need to transfer them to a potted container with soil.

7. Tradescantia Spathacea


The plant has characteristic leaves with a charming purple tinge. To grow them is easy, as well as propagate this plant.

It is best to divide the plant into another container or pot.

Those are 7 easy houseplants to propagate (With pictures). We hope it is useful. Good luck.

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