7 Best Plants to Grow In Your Bathroom

Homiful.com -- Your houseplants may enjoy spending time in the bathroom. This is due to the bathroom being an ideal moist environment for some plant, especially tropical plants. Plants will also add a double close of freshness to your bathroom.

Find out what plants thrive in the area where you clean yourself. Here are the top 7 best plants to grow in your bathroom.

1. Fern


Ferns, especially bird nest ferns, like damp places. They can also grow in low-light environments. If your bathroom meets both criteria, you can hang bird nest fern plants there. These plants will add a splash of color to your dim bathroom.

2. Haworthia


Haworthia is a hard-to-kill succulent. This plant can grow in bathrooms with low or indirect lighting. Make sure to place haworthia in an area near a window or window sill. Haworthia is not good for a windowless bathroom as the high humidity can make them suffer.

3. Jade plants


Add the jade plant to your bathroom's list of tiny plants! This a top pick for those who think they don't gave a green thumb. Jade plant is a hard-to-kill plant as long as you don't water it too much. Put them near the bathroom window and the jade plant will add a unique green touch to the bathroom.

4. Ficus lyrata


The fiddle-lef fig or ficus lyrata, may be like a drought-loving plant. However, this plant also thrives in wet conditions. A steamy bathroom will probably be a favorite place for the bathroom. Ficus lyrata is a tall, broad-leaved plant that do well in a floor-standing container.

5. Areca palm


You have to put areca palm on your list. Areca palm thrives in humid environments. They will thrive in the moist bathroom. You can place it on a special table to make the young areca palm stand out. If it grows mature, the areca palm will make a big green statement.

6. Monstera


As a tropical plant, monstera will like bathrooms with high humidity levels. These plant will give an impressive look to the bathroom. You can let the monstera plant grow in a clear vessel filled with water for a unique bathroom plant display.

7. Snake plants


Snake plant is a versatile plant. This plant can grow in dry or humid conditions. You can put snake plants in the bathroom; they tolerate the lack of light in the bathroom. Make sure to keep it away from places that are frequently exposed to water, as overwatering could harm it.

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