Tips and Tricks for Growing a Large Monstera with Minimal Care

Tips and Tricks for Growing a Large Monstera with Minimal Care -- One of the most popular indoor plants that looks stunning in the room and requires little maintenance and will make a big impact in any room with a few simple tips and tricks, you can grow leaf shapes that are distinct and noticeable. To develop a large and brace monstera, the following review will teach you the risk;


Make use of magic powder


To grow monstera plants with larger shapes and size, make a solution of 1 tablespoon Epsom salt and 1 gallon of water that you can spray on the leaves once a month. This method can increase the size of the leaf, causing it to grow lush and healthy.

Polish and clean


Clean and dust-free leaves can help plants produce lush and large leaves, making photosynthesis easier. There are numerous tricks you can perform by cleaning the leaves with a microfiber cloth and water. This is a simple task that will improve the appearance of the leaves.

Proper lighting


In term of leaf growth and development, the right amount that can be very important for plants. Direct lighting, on the other hand, will burn the plant's leaves. To keep the leaves stable, place it in a shady area. The window sill is ideal for indirect and perfect lighting.

Need assistance


Monstera is a plant native to tropical rain forest that grows attached to other trees. When bringing this plant into the house, make sure to include some support to allow the plant to climb. This will make the plant appear larger and stronger. Plant roots can be attached to moss poles or bamboo poles.

Don't leave without food


Plants require nutrients to become more fertile and to produce large, beautiful leaves. Use a standard 20 - 20 - 20 mixture that you can dilute and give for 6 - 8 weeks. Avoid fertilizing the plant in the winter, and pour in some light water to encourage foliage growth.

Supply moisture


Monstera grows in a tropical climates, preferring humid conditions. This plant grows well when kept at a constant temperature of 20 - 0 degrees Celsius. Provide enough humidity during the winter or dry months to keep the plant consistently growing large, fresh leaves.

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