Shade Container Gardening: Ideas For Plants and Pots - Improve your garden or porch with shade container garden concept. With the plants arrange nicely, you can make them grow in shade area to grow well and keep fresh. 

We have some Shade Container Gardening Ideas For Plants and Pots that you can learn and apply at home.

Porch Plants


Growing in pot or container, you can make combination of various plants in this container. Like palm that grow in large or medium pot, you also can make grow spider plants in one place. 

Use pretty and suitable container for this plant, and then you can put them at porch or garden with shade location.

Impatiens walleriana


Impatiens walleriana or can call with bizzy Lizzy is an annual plant and easy to grow. Easy to spread, you can grow them in container and use it for borders or for municipal plantings. 

Planting them in container and combine with attractive foliage. They also have various color of flowers, so you can make great arrangement to bring stunning and eye-catching.



Popular with shade garden, you can grow Hostas in yard or container. Hostas are an interest plant that have lots of foliage pattern and shades of green to choose from. Besides at outdoor or shade area, you can plant them at indoor to improve your interior looks.



Fuchsia is the option that you can grow at shade area. With interest color of the flowers, you can place them at indoor or outdoor with shade area. 

They don't like direct sunlight. So, you can place them at the spot with a bit of sun and bright, indirect sunlight throughout the day. Wait and they will bloom beautiful flowers.

Purple Browallia


Include annual plants, Browallia can thrive in both of full shade and part shade. They have pretty violet colored flowers features that can bring interest to your garden area. Put them at indoor while overwinter, and you can add it to next year's container combos.



Who don't like with this lush plants? I love it too much. With their lush view, Ferns can bring a tropical look to your home or garden area. You can plant them in pot or hanging basket that can bring saving space and efficient.



Plant your Oxalis in an area that get partial shade. With colorful clover like leaves and dainty flowers, they are superb accent plants in garden beds and container. 

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