Little Known Facts About the African Violet

Little Known Facts About the African Violet -- Not everyone is familiar with populer flowering ornamental plants. African violet, which blooms all year, look stunning with a beautiful variety of flower for this room table. You can learn more about this African violet by reading the following facts:

Not a true violet plant


Violet plants have more than just purple flowers. Despite its name, there are between 6 and 20 species of African Violet in the wild. Most are multicolored and have been propagated from the parent plant. They are not violets.

This plant is the belle of the ball when it come to houseplants


Since their discovery in the late 1800s, African violets have been popular and long-lasting. This plant for home decoration is very popular because it blooms in a variety of colors such  as purple, white, red, pink, and blue. It is a perennial that blooms all year.

They are evergreen plants

While most indoor plants only bloom once every 2  to 5 years, this African violet stands out for its tenacity. With proper care, this plant can live for up to 50 years. White the condition that no excessive watering, cold temperatures, or direct irradiation be provided.

Pets are not endangered


Perhaps some house plants are a danger to pets at home. It turns out to be dangerous, despite its bright flowers and creeping foliage that are appealing to pets. However, african violet is one of many plants that are safe for pets. Simply avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and replace them with homemade organic fertilizers. 

They aren't exactly gentle


This African violet plant is known for being gentle, persistent, and easy to care for. Will be very pleased with the provision of indirect sunlight. Watering plants on a regular basis will keep them from drooping. A special mixture of soil to aid plant growth and an ambient temperature of 68 -79 degrees Fahrenheit are required.

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