7 Ways to Decorate Your Deck or Patio with Plants

Homiful.com -- Patios can be used to enjoy the outdoors. Breakfast on the patio in the warm morning feels so good. However, it will all come true if you decorate your patio well. Consider adding plants to your patio, in addition to comfortable seating. Plants will refresh the patio and provide a healthy environment. 

Let's dress up your patio or deck with these 7 ways to decorate your deck or patio with plants.

1. Perfect black background for the live green


Plants, we could say, are easy and affordable decoration ideas to get. Bring shade spot-loving plants to the roofed patio. Create an elegant contrast there. Begin by painting the background in jet black, and then arrange the greenery in a neat row. It features a cool patio with greenery that stands out.

2. Prepare a standing rack

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Your small plants require attention as well. Their small size keeps them hidden by large leafy plants or your bulky furniture. Provide a standing rack in the corner of the patio or deck. Arrange those low plants on it, so as to make them clearly visible and brighten up your patio.

3. Hang the plants

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When it comes to decorating with plants, don't forget to hang some. Plants will perfectly fill vertical spaces. Your patio will be good from the floor to the top. There are several attractive hanging plant options. Consider ferns with distinctive leaves sticking out of hanging pots for a shady with high moisture patio.

4. Grow it as shade

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Plants can be used as both decorations and functional elements. Plants that liven up a patio with a pergola will make it more beautiful. You can let plants that can thrive on vines, such as bougainvillea flowers, which can grow to the top of pergola and provide patio shade.

5. Surround your seat with plants


Th patio is a great place to spend the weekend afternoon with family. Make the patio atmosphere fresh and cool rather than dry and desolate. Try to surround the seat with plants that grow well in the yard. Planting fragrant flowers like lavender or jasmine on your patio will help to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

6. Shady green plants

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Black and green. Black patio with greenery. Somehow, it offers a patio with trendy decor. Plants effortlessly works as decoration that beautify and liven up the black patio. The vines that creep along the top frame of the pergola also provide shade from the hot sun.

7. Thematic patio with seasonal plants

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It's a good idea to have a thematic patio or deck if you live in an area with more than two seasons. Create and decor a patio with the right atmosphere for the season. For spring, you can add plants that grow well and bloom in that season. Bright plants will always brighten up your outdoor space.

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