7 Houseplants Perfect For First Time Plant Moms

Homiful.com -- If you are new to gardening and want to start growing plants. You can choose to grow a plant that requires easy car and is simple to grow.
Gardening is a useful hobby that has recently gained popularity. The plant not only improves the appearance of the house, but it also creates a more pleasant atmosphere. 
If you are still unsure, we have compiled a list of 7 houseplants perfect for first time plant moms just for you!

1. Golden pothos


Golden pothos is the best houseplants for inexperience gardeners. They have the ability to grow quickly and easily.
In the water, you can even grow golden pothos. These vines are fascinating, aren't they?

2. Aloe Vera


Our second plant has Aloe vera which is famous for being a plant that has many health benefits. It turns out that Aloe Vera is also easy to grow, even indoors.
Suitable for use as decoration.

3. Peace lily


An indoor plant with the most beautiful flowers is Peace lily. They have a characteristic white flowers that symbolizes chastity,

It turns out that Peace lily has easy maintenance and can survive in a low-light room.

4. Spider plant


Another ornamental plant that is recommended for you, novice gardeners, is the spider plant. They have green leaves that can refresh the room.

What is interesting is that the spider plant can grow in water under all conditions.

5. Snake plant


If you are looking for a plant that can purify the air well, a snake plant is the best choice. Not only can they purify the air, the can absorb harmful toxins.
That wat, the house will feel cooler and healthy.

6. Jade plant


Want to decorate your home to look prettier? You can add a Jade plant to enhance the beauty of the interior of the room. Jade plant does not require special care for growing.
Jade plant is also believed to bring good luck at home.

7. Lucky bamboo


Another plant that can bring good luck is Lucky bamboo, as the name implies. Lucky bamboo is usually often used as a gift for someone. They have stems that can be creates in a variety of interesting shapes.

Those are 7 houseplants perfect for first time plant moms. Which plant do you choose?

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