7 Houseplants that Grow Well From Cuttings that are Simple to Procreate

7 Houseplants that Grow Well From Cuttings that are Simple to Procreate

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants obtained by purchasing on a regular basis appear extravagant. Cutting propagation is an effective method for multiplying ornamental plants at home. Some ornamental plants are also popular and easy to propagate and grow, albeit with specification instructions.

Continue reading the following article about ornamental plants that can be used as a collection in the garden.



This popular plant is an ornamental plant that is easy to propagate through cuttings. Cut a few cm off the stems and place them in a glass of clean water. Wait until the roots from before moving it into a pot. Otherwise, philodendron cuttings can be started in the ground in the same way.



Propagate this lovely tradescantia plant in water. You can select similar varieties that have a beautiful purple hue. Cut branches and soak them in water or potting media that can grow roots for 2 - 4 weeks to propagate.



Croton is a plant that can be easily propagated by cuttings. Choose 3 - 4 inch long stems with at least 3 sets of leaves. Fill a pot with light or mixed potting soil. Choose a shady location o sprout new roots and leaves.

Prayer plant


Maranta is a calathea species with stunningly beautiful peacock-patterned leaves. Growing by stem cuttings will be simple for beginners. Select a mature stem and remove a few leaves, leaving three strands. Place it in soil with drainage.



Schefflera is an ornamental plant that can be propagated easily through stem cuttings. An umbrella-shaped leaf usually has 6 -7 dark green oval-shaped leaves. Cut stems and plant in 1 - 2 inch deep potting mix pots in a sunny, moist location.

African violet


This African violet has velvety leaves as well as lovely flowers. Leaf cuttings are an easy way to propagate the plant; cut the leaves and soak them in water to encourage the growth of new roots. Or place it in a pot with a soil mixture and wait for it to grow.

Snake plant


Snake plant can be transformed into a variety of plants that grow quickly. Cut the leaves about 5 cm long and place them in soil to demonstrate the growth of new shoots, or the water propagation method is also well known for this plant.

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