7 Flowers Toxic and Need to be Watch Out for the Safety of Pets

7 Flowers Toxic and Need to be Watch Out for the Safety of Pets

Homiful.com -- Flowers do have a beautiful appearance for room decoration and make the impression of living closer to nature. But not all flowers are safe for pets if consumed. You're better known in advance what flowers are toxic to pets such as dogs or cats. See the list of 7 poisonous flowers below:

Birds of Paradise plant


This plant contains hydrogen cyanide, which can cause mild nausea. Vomiting, difficulty breathing and lack of appetite. Be careful when placing it indoors or outdoors where dogs or cats can play there.



Even though they look beautiful, these desert roses store a sap that can make pets vomit. Depression and even the heart to stop beating. Plant in a pot and place it in a higher area such as a table or your fence.



Next is the geranium plant which can cause clinical symptoms in dogs and cats such as vomiting, anorexia, and dermatitis. You can place it on the balcony area and usually some pets don't touch this plant.



This beautiful flower with beautiful blooms is amaryllis. If pets eat this plant, maybe some symptoms such as vomiting, decreased blood pressure and abdominal pain will be indicated. Although usually a planter for the yard area, you can add a fence around the plant for pet safety.

Fire lily


If you swallow this flower, it can make your pet die suddenly and accidentally. This flower is also used as a way to kill dogs by poisoning them. Symptoms such as drooling, vomiting blood, diarrhea, kidney failure and several other complex symptoms may occur.



This plant of the genus Crassula is Kalanchoe which has beautiful flowers. This plant contains natural toxins that can affect the heart with symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, and an abnormal heart rate.

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