Top Tillandsia (Air Plants) That Don't Need Soil -- Have you heard of Tillandsia? This is a one-of-kind decorative plant. Some call it '' Tillandsia, the Beautiful Air Plant''. Tillandsia is a plant that can survive on air by itself, without soil, fertilizer, or even water. It's not a faux plant, but having one will add uniqueness to your houseplant collection. 

Find out more about air plants in the top tillandsia (air plants) that don't need soil.

How do air Plants live?


Air plants can survive hanging in the air without the need for soil. These are epiphytic plants that grows on or attaches to a stalk. The plant has superfine hair to absorb moisture and capture nutrients released by dust in the air. 

Tillandsia or air plants are the best for hanging displays. You can simply hang them on a string, a wire, attach them to a piece of wood, or simply place them on top of cutely shaped glass containers such as terrariums. 

Here are the top 7 popular of tillandsia:

1. Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides)


Many plant enthusiasts have tillandsia usneoides, also known as Spanish Moss. The plant has clumps of fine, dangling threads. It can grow well in a humid, light environment. The more lush it becomes, the better it performs as natural window curtains. 

2. Tillandsia ionantha


This Tillandsia species is native to Mexico and Central America. The plant grows in a pineapple-like fashion, with an exotic purplish center. This tillandsia type has a lifespan of 2-5 years. 

The Ionantha loves the sunlight. so you can put it on an east-or-west facing window. Soak this plant once or twice a week to keep it happy.

3. Tillandsia Butzii


Butzii has small, slender, long leaves. The base resembles a tuber, with brown, green, white, and gray hues that run along the fleshy leaves. The mother plant can produce pups even before flowering. 

4. Tillandsia Caput Medusae


Hearing its name, you know why it is called Caput-medusae. The leaves resembles the serpent god in Greek mythology, Medusa. The leaves on this plant are lettuce-green, with bright red and purple. This is what makes this tillandsia so beautiful. 

5. Tillandsia Streptocarpa


Tillandsia streptocarpa grows curved, looks chaotic here and there, and has a stiff texture. However, that's what makes it unique. This type of Tillandsia has dark blue-purple flowers, spreading its fragrant scent that add aesthetic value. 

6. Tillandsia Aeranthos


Tillandsia aeranthos produces more flowers than other types of air plants. The leaves are clustered, and the flowers have a lovely color combination, with an indigo-purple flower crown and ruby-red petals. 

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