Six Stylish Indoor Plants Room Divider Ideas -- Your indoor plants work more than you think. They provide a fresh atmosphere and better air. Not only that, you can use plants as room dividers. It will divide the two different areas in a lively and stylish manner. Don't confine plants to an awkward corner: here are six stylish indoor plants room divider ideas.

1. Reuse standing clothes rack for plants


Take a look at the standing clothes rack that hasn't been used for a long time! You can reuse it as a room divider idea. Make it more vibrant and lively by placing more potted plants on it. Placed in the living room and dining area, it will be a super cool room divider.

2. Use plant box room divider


It's better to choose a room divider that not only adds style but also serves other purposes. Consider using a plant box as a room divider. It has special boxes for displaying your indoor plant collection, such as spider plants or various orchids. 

3. Unique plant divider rack


This is a Macrob room divider. It features a screen with a hollow upper part in a stunning design. There's also planter box that's enough for long leaf fig, monstera, cast iron plant or your indoor succulents. 

4. Sansevieria in the box


Sansevieriaa is a versatile plant. It cleans the indoor air very well. Its pointed leaves can grow up to 12 inches. That's what makes it unique to use sansevieria as a room divider. Plant them in an indoor planter box and let them stylishly separate the room. 

5. Framed planter ideas


Get creative with your room divider choice! You can combine classic partitions with plants. Slatted wood partitions give an elegant style to the room. Then, add a framed planter with ornamental indoor bamboo plants. Th framed planter is also work as an extension of the wooden partition. 

6. Use sleek standing plant rack


Small room dividers have a variety of styles. Pick one with a sleek design and a sturdy, standing iron rack. This kind of standing planter has a special hooks for holding plants in metallic gray pots. When the plant is about to be moved to a brightly lit location, it will also be light when held up. 

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