Pothos vs Philodendron: What is the Difference?

 Homiful.com - Pothos and Philodendron is the most popular houseplant and can be used as an option for plants that are easy to care. But, they have similar look and have same growth requirements and habit. And they also toxic for cats and dogs. 

Don't worry then, you can find out these Difference of Pothos vs Philodendron. Check it out!

Difference Between Pothos & Philodendron


To distinguish Pothos and Philodendron, there are any several keys. These include their taxonomy, their leaf shape and texture, aerial roots and petioles, the growth habits and new leaves, and last their growing requirements.



First, you can see their taxonomy. Taxonomy is a branch of science that concerned with classifying groups of biological organisms. 

Pothos and Philodendron, they are two separate and distinct plant in genera. Pothos belongs to the Epipremnum genus, and Philodendron include Philodendron genus. But, they are under the same plant family, that is Araceae.

Leaf Shape and the Texture


And next, for the leaf shape and texture, you can see these in a view. For the Philodendron, they have heart shaped leaves and thin, with a soft texture. And Pothos have leaves that are thicker and waxier leaves. 

Aerial Roots and Petioles


You can see the other difference with their aerial root and petioles. Both of them have aggressive aerial roots that allow to climb and vine around. 

But, Pothos have only one large aerial root per node. And for Philodendron, the can have several smaller aerial roots per node. 

Petioles in Pothos, they have petioles that indented towards the stem they connect to. Philodendron have petioles that fully rounded and also tend thinner than Pothos petioles.

Growth Habit and New Leaves


You can look the cataphylls for the difference of Pothos and Philodendron. 

At Philodendron, when new leaves grow, they will emerge from cataphylls. Which are essentially small leaves that encase and protect the new leaf as it grows. 

Rather than emerging from cataphylls, new leaves in Pothos simply grow and unfurl from the previous leaf.

Growing Difference


Well, Pothos and Philodendron has similar in their growing requirements. Be it the light, soil, water, low maintenance, and temperature. 

Philodendron tolerate low light more readily than Pothos. And Pothos prefer somewhat higher temperatures than Philodendron. 

Both of them can propagate by cuttings, but Philodendron also can produce offsets that can be used for plant propagation. Pothos are more drought tolerant than Philodendrons.

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