How to Grow and Care for Snake Plants, According to Gardening Experts - A popular houseplant that can bring more benefit to your home, the snake plant is also suitable to enhance the design and decoration. This houseplant is easy to care for and perfect for busy people. Let's see about How to Grow and Care for Snake Plants, According to Gardening Experts.

How to grow Snake Plants


Firstly, you can select good drainage for the container. Then, grow snake plants in this good container. Snake plants prefer indirect sunlight. But, they're also adaptable to a variety of light conditions. 

As a low-maintenance houseplant, water the snake plants sparingly, about once every one to two weeks. And allow them to dry out between watering. If you get overwatering for these snake plants, they can get some issues. 

During the growing season (March - November), you can give organic fertilizer. You also can add fish emulsion at the watering can, or sprinkle worm castings on top of the soil and gently work them into the top layer before hydrating.

Prune the Snake Plants


If you see issues with snake plants, like discolored or dead leaves, you can prune them with sharp pruners.  For the snake plant with a cleaner look, cut at a point to match the same shape as the leaves nearby. 

If over time, longer leaves start to lean or spill outside the container, suggest pruning them all the way to the ground.



Propagating the snake plants at your home. You can use clean, sharp pruners, and clip 2 to 3-inch pieces from one leaf. Nestle the cuttings in a pot filled with moist and well-drained soil. In a few weeks, you can see the new plantlets begin to form.

Snake Plants varieties

Sansevieria cylindrica


Also known as African spear plants, Sansevieria cylindrica has unique and attractive looks. They have boasts thick, round stalks that grow from a single rosette at the base.

Sansevieria fischeri black


Sansevieria fischeri black has foliage that starts out with a slit down the middle and as it matures it turns completely cylindrical. Has pattern with light and dark green makes this type quite the looker.

Sansevieria moonshine


Native to West Africa, Sansevieria moonshine is a beautiful and popular houseplant with broad silvery green leaves. They like to grow in bright indirect light. And in low light, the leaves may turn a darker green but keep their silvery sheen.

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