How to Grow and Care for a Lucky Bamboo Plant -- Lucky bamboo is a plant that is preferred because of its elegant appearance and is able to spread positive energy to the surrounding area. Lucky bamboo is also popular for feng shui which is believed to bring good luck. To keep it healthy, check out How to Grow and Care for a Lucky Bamboo Plant.




Before talking about lucky bamboo care, you can pay attention to its planting. The thing you need to pay attention to is related to land. Plant in well-drained but still moist potting soil. To maintain the humidity, you can place the pot on a tray filled with gravel and water.





Lighting is an important part of plant growth. With lucky bamboo, you can place it in an indirect to moderately bright area. Adequate lighting will help the leaves stay green and not pale. However, don't give it too much light as it will scorch the leaves. Compared to too much sun, lucky bamboo will be safer in low light conditions. 




You can plant lucky bamboo in water as well as soil. They prefer moist soil that is not too dry when planted in the ground. Excessive watering, on the other hand, will cause root rot. If you plant it in water, make sure to change the water frequently and keep the roots moist. Take care when using water because lucky bamboo is slightly sensitive to chlorine and fluoride levels.

Temperature and Humidity


When it comes to temperature and humidity, lucky bamboo prefers warm temperatures ranging from 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for houseplants. Plants should not be placed near hot or cold winds, in ventilation, or in front of air conditioners, as this will stress them and disrupt their growth.



Liquid fertilizer is the best choice for you to put in lucky bamboo planted in a vase filled with water. You can check for healthy roots by a reddish tint. Give fertilizer every month so that it remains adequate in nutrients. For planting in pots of soil, you can also use special fertilizers for lucky bamboo.


Repotting is essential for many plants, including lucky bamboo. When the roots become too tight in the container, it is time to repot them. To keep the roots growing comfortably, switch to a larger pot or vase. If you still want to use the same pot, cut some of the roots off.



You can spread lucky bamboo so that it can be replanted or as a gift for your relatives. Before cutting, make sure you choose a healthy parent with more than two bamboo segments with branches. Place the pieces in a container of distilled water so that they cover the bottom of the pot. 

Keep the water clean and within 4 weeks to more, you will find the red roots. When the roots appear, you can leave them in a vase filled with gravel or move them to a pot filled with soil.




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