Here Are 7 Bulbs To Plant In The Fall - You'll Enjoy Their Beautiful Flowers Come Next Spring & Summer - Get ready for your garden after the winter is ends. You can grow beautiful and colorful plants that can enjoy in summer or spring. Look to these Bulbs To Plant In The Fall - You'll Enjoy Their Beautiful Flowers Come Next Spring & Summer. Check it out!

Hyacinths 'Woodstock'


Hyacinth are sturdy and pretty plants with their fragrance and long-lasting blooms. They need full sun to grow up, and you can grow them in the garden area. They also have colorful flowers that come in every shade, such purple, pink, white, and yellow. 



Daffodil can sign that spring is coming. They can bloom early, mid-season, or late. Survive in full sun, some types have scented that can make gorgeous your garden area.

Autumn Crocus


Look amazing in rock garden or at the front of borders, Crocus is a gorgeous plant that perfect to grow in fall. The first flowers to pop up in the spring, Crocus can still on the ground when snow in northern climates. Need full sun to grow, Crocus has the varietals such blue pearl, flower record, and orange monarch.



Prefers in full sun, Allium can grow in the landscapes where bunnies and deer around. With pretty and attractive flowers, butterfly also love with this plant. 

The best varietals from this Allium are Miami, Lavender bubbles, and Pink Jewel. But mostly found around is Lavender Bubbles. This type has dark purple globes with slightly twisted blue-green leaves.

Leucojum Gravetye Giant


Can call with snowflake, Leucojum can bloom profusely, lending a wispy, baby's breath-type effect to other nearby plantings. Prefer in full sun to part shade, they tend to naturalize well and pest resistant. 

They're also tolerating a wide range of soil types and exposures. For the type of Gravetye Giant, it can look with a large type that resembles a giant lily of the valley.

Muscari Armeniacum


Muscari or Grape Hyacinth look gorgeous with their flower that has shape like small grape. This hardy plant naturalize readily, and critters leave them alone. Prefer in full sun to part shade, they can grow well in rock gardens or at the front of beds.



Tulip is a plant that identical with the Netherlands, right? Of many different sizes, shapes, and colors, it's impossible to plant all of them in your garden area. You can select one types that suitable grow in your garden for pretty spot. 

They can bloom from early to late spring, and some types are considered annuals. Prefer in full sun to part shade, you must protect these bulbs from rodents.

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