Hanging Plants That are Impossible to Kill

Homiful.com -- We like having more plants at home. Hanging plants is a great way to get extra space for plants. 

Hanging plants sounds easy. In fact, you need to take some efforts to keep them alive. When you want to take care of them, you have to take them down, which has the potential to irritate the plants. Instead of bothering with hard-to-care-for hanging plants, here are 6 impossible-to-kill hanging plants. 

1. Heartleaf Philodendron


Heartleaf philodendron grows as evergreen climber. As the name implies, it has heart-shaped leaves with a glossy green color. This plant is very hardy: it tolerates drought so well. When the leaves are dusty, you can wipe them with a damp paper towel to allow them perform photosynthesis properly. 

2. String of Hearts


This one is a trailing succulent plant. It comes with a variety of colors, including evergreen and silvery pink leaves. This plant need a low care and tolerate neglect. With proper care, it will grow lushly, making it ideal for natural curtains on windows. This heartstring is also non-toxic for pets. 

3. Mistletoe Cactus


This is not just any cactus, but Rhipsalir Baccifera. This plant is attractive with droopy green stems. Mistletoe cactus looks great on a hanging basket. It also requires low-maintenance and non-toxic to both pets and humans. 

4. Boston Fern


Boston fern is a forgiving plant. It prefers moist soil but can survive drought. With proper care, this plant can become lush and eye-catching on a shady damp front porch. This plant prefers bright, indirect light. Mist the plant if the soil is moist, but the moisture feels dry. 

5. Spider plants


You must have known this plant, the spider plant. There's no reason not to have it. This is a plant that's easy to care for and tolerates drought. If the plant is happy, the spider plants will produce flowers and baby spider plants that grow uniquely from the mother plants. 

6. Dischiadia Oiantha 


This is a trailing plant that's native to the Philippines. This plant is similar to Hoya. Dischidia oiantha doesn't like too much water. You can water it every two to three days. This plant is rarely grown as an ornamental plant, but Dischidia is  houseplant that's easy to grow on a hanging basket. 

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