Easy Care Guide for Self-Reliant Plants (Spider Plants)

Homiful.com -- Why is it called a self-reliant plant? Because this plant grows well with easy care. Even so, you still need to pay attention to plant care so that you still have it growing healthy and fresh. Here is an easy guide to caring for this amazing plant. Check the Easy Care Guide for Self Reliant Plants (Spider Plants).





The first thing you should know about treatment is related to lighting. This plant can grow in a variety of conditions, including almost no light. However, the best treatment for them is bright indirect light. The presence of light will help the plant grow more densely and maintain fresh, unbleached green leaves.



Watering is something that must be considered carefully so that the plants stay healthy and do not create many problems. For spider plants, water when the soil is dry. Press your finger into the soil to determine the right time to water this plant. You can water it once a week depending on the weather.

Temperature and humidity


for placing plants, you need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity. Spider plant likes warm temperatures and humidity. If you force it to place at too low a temperature, it will cause browning of the leaf tips.



More nutrients are required for houseplant growth. Fertilization is the most effective method of meeting plants' nutritional requirements. During the growing season, feed the amount once a month. Don't overfeed them because it will turn the leaves brown and stress them out. However, not so little that the plants grow too quickly.

Spider baby


 You certainly wonder how this plant can have babies. In spring, most plants have flowers and this is a substitute for spider plant flowers by growing baby spider plants. However, not all spider plants can grow beautiful babies, and it depends on the conditions they have. They will grow babies on mature plants with enough stored energy.





This spider plant grows in an unusual way by producing babies, which is not shared by many other plants. They grow like air plants in the absence of soil and water. You don't need to buy a new spider plant to reproduce it, and you can cut this baby to plant it in a pot or a glass filled with water. 

This is a common method of propagation for this plant. Transfer it to a pot when the roots are strong when growing it in water.

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