Easiest Houseplant: How to Grow Moses in the Cradle Indoors

 Homiful.com - Moses in the cradle (Tradescantia spathacea) is a beautiful plant with attractive leaves. They have leaves with green and purple stripes that can make unique looks. 

Include perennial plant, this evergreen and clump forming plants can grow up to 12-inches (30 cm) tall. The leaves have sword shape and dark green on the upper side and purple underneath. 

You can check these about How to Grow Moses in the Cradle Indoors.

Light requirements to grow Moses plant


Moses in the cradle or Boat lily can thrive in bright, indirect light. And you can put them in a place with a bright, sunny location, but avoid them from sun's direct rays. 

This plant also can grow in low light condition, and you can place it in a shaded area at indoor that doesn't get much of natural light. Despite can thrive in low light, they need high humidity. 

Best soil to growing Moses plants indoors


Create the best potting mix with combine equal parts of potting soil, peat moss, and perlite. They provide enough nutrients without making the medium too dense. 

Besides then, Moses in the cradle can thrive in light soil with good drainage like other houseplants. Remember, don't let soggy the soil, or you will suffer that Moses in the cradle have root rot and eventually die.

How to water Moses in a boat plant


Poke your finger 2.5 cm or 1-incehs to check the soil at Moses in the cradle. If the soil dry, it's the time to watering. But, if the soil feel have any moisture, you can wait a few days until the soil dries. 

For note, you can water the plant only to hydrate them as often as the soil partly dries out. Or it can say that you can water the plant more often in summer and less frequently in winter.

Temperature and humidity needs to caring Moses in the cradle


Boat Lily can survive in average room temperature. Like between 60-85 F degrees. And remember that they can't tolerate with cold. So, the air temperature should never drop lower than 50 F degrees. 

Protect them from hot radiator, cold drafts, or direct sunlight. Because it can affect the plant's growth and can cause it to die. 

Boat Lily also prefer in high humidity, at least 40% at indoor humidity, to prevent discolored foliage and poor plant growth. 

But, if you find the leaf of Boat Lily turning brown, it could mean that the tropical houseplant need more moisture.

Fertilize Moses plants


This houseplant relatively is fast-growing with modest fertilizer needs. Feed Moses in the cradle monthly during the growing season, such summer and spring. And when in fall and winter, you don't feed them, just cut back on the watering as well.

How to propagate Moses in the cradle


It's easy to propagate Boat Lily that can make you have beautiful plant at home. Propagate Moses in the cradle with cutting the stems, root division, or seeds. 

Repotting Moses plants


You can be repotting Moses in the cradle when their plant outgrows from the pot. Like every year or two year. 

By using this method, it can make the houseplant get refresh the potting soil to promote healthy growth. Repotting also help prevent the plant from becoming rootbound and suffering for stunted growth.

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