7 Plants That Should Not Be Kept Inside Your Home

Homiful.com -- People have recently become obsessed with plants, bringing endless number of indoor plants into their homes. However, there is an unnoticed issue there. Not all plants will be perfect for your indoor plant collection. Do research on the desired plant! Whether the plant will do bad for your allergies, harms pets or children, or is simply impossible to keep it alive in the house. 

Find out which plants you shouldn't keep indoors and why! 

1. Elephant ear


Elephant Ear plants are a type of Colocasia with heart-shaped leaves that grow large. This green leafy plant creates an instant tropical atmosphere. 

If you want to grow it, it's better to plant in outside. The wider the plant zone, the bigger the leaves will be. Handle this plant carefully as all species are poisonous and can irritate skin. 

Elephant Ear is not excellent choice for indoor plant. This is the most poisonous plant to cats and dogs. If the sap from the leaves and stems is accidently ingested, it will cause swelling, burning the mouth and tongue, and vomiting. 

2. English ivy


You know you have to avoid poison ivy, but what about English ivy? Many people enjoy growing English ivy hanging pots in their homes. Unfortunately, this plant is not that great for those who are sensitive to it. This plant has the potential to cause allergic reactions such as itching. 

English ivy is also dangerous to humans, cattle, dogs and cats. Swallowing it will result in breathing difficulties, paralysis, and coma. 

3. Sago palm


The sago palm looks adorable in this pot. It is also a hardy plant. However, this plant isn't all that great. The sago palm is poisonous in all parts. The seeds are the most lethal. It contains cyasin, which is a chemical that's highly toxic to humans and animals. 

If you really want to, handle it with extra care and keep it away from pets. However, you can pick alternatives such as the Areca palm, Kentia palm, or Parlor palm. 

4. Dumb Cane


Dumb cane or dieffenbachia are indeed amazing indoor plants. The green leaves have a white that gives a fresh tropical feel. Unfortunately, if you have kids or pets, you should keep it away from them. The dumb cane would cause a swelling, burning sensation, and redness if it accidentally swallowed it. 

5. Cactus


Cactus should not be kept by those who are careless. Look at how the sharp thorns look striking and ready to hurt anyone who disturbs it. Cacti are also dangerous for kids or toddlers who are curious and want to touch this thorny plant. 

6. Oleander


The Oleander plant is so pretty with periwinkle-like flowers in a lovely pink color. Unfortunately, this plant is not as innocent and lovely as it looks. All part of this plant are poisonous, even small amounts can cause variety of symptom ranging from dizziness to rash to irregular heartbeat. 

7. Daffodils

Gardening Know How

Many people grow daffodils indoors and force them to bloom. It would be better if the daffodils were planted outside. This plant grows best in full sun. Handle this plant with care. All parts are poisonous. If swallowed, it can cause dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and mouth irritation. 

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