7 Outdoor Solar Lights That'll Transform Your Yard

Homiful.com -- Outdoor solar lights are gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Environmentalist love it for its environmental reasons and energy savings. Home decor enthusiast adore it for cost-saving reasons.

Solar lighting is also great for outdoor use. Various shapes and styles of solar lights will turn your yard into a peaceful sanctuary at night. Here are 7 yard solar lights that will transform your yard.

1. Solar crack glass lanterns


This solar glass lantern model is suitable for a variety of display styles. You can mount it on a tree, hang it on a roadside fence, or place it on grassland or paths. This solar-powered glass lantern runs on solar energy, which is generated by the sun. It's perfect for beautifying your yard.

2. Solar party bulb string lights


Isn't it great to go stargazing in the yard lit by a warm white solar light? These string lights surround the fire pit and seats. It gives off a warm and cozy atmosphere. No more feeling spooky in the yard at night.

3. Solar powered Spira Lights


Light up your garden with this stunning solar light. This is a great solar-powered Spira light to hang on a tree, parasols, and trellises. The beautiful curves will give even an ordinary tree a visual aesthetic.

4. Mushroom solar garden lights


Love the fairy garden ornaments in your yard? Why not give it a new look with the Mushroom solar garden lights? These miniature mushrooms can emit warm light, which illuminate the fairy miniatures as well as the plants around them.

5. Solar garden in the backyard


Solar lights can be installed anywhere in your yard. It's great for setting up gravel yards among shrubs. Solar light also looks beautiful as decoration for a wooden fence. When night falls, a solar-powered one that can turn on automatically in the dark will instantly brighten up the garden.

6. Bulb solar light in the tree


Make summer in the garden more beautiful by installing solar lights. You can install solar light bulbs on tree benches, which will hang beautifully there. If the tree gets full sunlight during the day,  when night falls, the solar light will also illuminate the tree with its full light.

7. Solar light lanterns


Get creative with outdoor solar lights. Solar lights come in a variety of designs and styles, including this solar lantern. They are ideal for hanging on the top frame of a pergola to illuminate and warm up a seating area. These solar lanterns also have a warm glow to give off a cozy ambience.

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