7 Most Beautiful Thunbergia Varieties

 Homiful.com - A colorful garden can make an alive and enjoyable spot at home. You can plant the Thunbergia in a garden, be it indoor garden or outdoor garden. And here we'll share to you about 7 Most Beautiful Thunbergia Varieties. Let's check it out!

Blue Trumpet Vine (Thunbergia Laurifolia)


Thunbergia laurifolia also known with Laurel Clock Vine. They can grow lavender flowers that pair really well with bright green leaves.

King's Mantle (Thunbergia Erecta)


Thunbergia erecta is a perennial plant that can grow climbing or bush at your garden area. Native to western Africa, they can grow blue-purple flowers with trumpet-shaped that can enhance the environment.

Thunbergia Mysorensis


Popular with lady's slipper vines, Thunbergia mysorensis has huge maroon-yellow flowers, green, and long leaves. Native to southern tropical India, this plant can bloom from spring to autumn. They also can grow quickly in frost free temperate climates, like coastal Southern California.

Thunbergia Gregorii (Orange Clock Vine)


Bloom in all year, Thunbergia gregorii has bright orange flowers and match with lush green leaves. You can put this plant at the area that gets plenty of bright light.

White Lady Plant (Thunbergia Fragrans)


White lady vine is the plant that native to India and Southeast Asia. Growing pure white flowers as their name, this plant suitable to place as decoration at office or living room that can make elegant vibes.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia Alata)


Black-Eyed Susan or Thunbergia alata most common find and is the coat of arms of Thunbergia. Their flowers have bright orange-yellow with the signature black eyed at the center area.

Thunbergia Battiscombei


Thubergia battiscombei can do their best in bright light. With the blue-purple flowers and green foliage, they can attract bees and butterflies. Grow them in yard or windowsill if you haven't a yard at your home area.

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