7 Cool Windowsill Plants You May Have at Home

Homiful.com -- Lighting is indeed an important part of garden care, so it is important to meet its intake. Indoor plants often have insufficient sunlight because of their placement. A favorite area for many plants is the windowsill because it gets lots of light. For some plants that you can place in the windowsill area, check out 7 Cool Windowsill Plants You May Have at Home.



Coleus is usually owned as a garden plant that covers the garden with beautiful and diverse leaves. Its ability to survive well in outdoor areas, requires you to maximize its maintenance with sufficient light. Place it in a bright window area, and you'll find leaves that stay sharp and bright.



Lighting will be required to help the begonia grow properly and keep its leaves from turning pale. Placing it in a south-facing window is the best option because direct sunlight can damage the leaves.



Because they have distinctive and eye-catching flowers, having an orchid by the window can also be a decoration that makes the house look prettier. Orchids thrive in south and east-facing windows. West windows are too hot for this beautiful plant, and north facing windows are too dark.

Peace Lily


The peace lily is known for its stunning white flowers as well as its fresh and elegant leaves. This is another plant that prefers to be placed in a window with both direct and indirect light. This plant will flower better if given enough light. A too-dark environment will make it difficult for the plant to flower.



Of course, many people are aware that this plant prefers light, so you can place it in any window area. Aside from lighting, you must monitor watering to ensure that it does not become excessive and cause the plants to become soft and rotten.



This plant prefers bright but indirect sunlight to keep its bright color, so windows are the best place to put it in the house. A window that faces east or west is ideal. If there are dry brown spots on the leaves, this could be due to overexposure to light; if this occurs, you can remove them.



If you want a view that is still beautiful and amazing, place this plant in a bright area, either directly or indirectly. If indoors, the best area for him is on the windowsill. This area will help the plant maintain leaf color and maximize its flowering.






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