The Health Benefits of Indoor Plants - Besides can bring beauty and good air quality, having plants at indoor can bring more benefits that you don't know. Just check these about Health Benefits of Indoor Plants that can increase your knowledge.

Improve the Air Quality


According to NASA study, houseplants or indoor plants can help you to absorb the pollutant. Like removing the cancer causing chemicals such formaldehyde and benzene at the air. Another study also found that soil in potted plants can help clean the indoor air.

Reduce Stress


Many studies found that indoor plants can reduce psychological stress. Interacting with plants helped suppress sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure. And this explains why office or bedroom or others put the plants at their rooms.

Enhance the Sense of Well-Being


Research proves that exposure to indoor plants can improve feelings of well-being in humans compare to those who weren't exposed to plants. And all we know, feeling of well-being can help us to improve the physical health. Garvey said "When your body and mind relaxed, it can improve your blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels".

Supporting the Cognitive Health


Indoor plants can also help people to recover from mental fatigue. And here Garvey said again, "from a Rutgers study, people with dementia showed improved short-term memory after a session in a Japanese garden".

Improve Environmental Wellness


Environment has a major impact on our overall wellness. So, it is important to live in a healthy and peaceful environment that can be beneficial to our overall wellness. 

Benefit for Symbiotic Relationship


Caring the indoor plants at home is the beautiful exchange that happens. Indoor plants also take care to us with improving the air that can help we to breathe and making our space more beautiful and comfortable.

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